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Brandon Raynor‘s School of Massage and Natural Therapies began in ‎Sydney, Australia in 1997. It started as a way to provide quality massage education in an easy to learn format at an affordable price, and has since expanded to include various naturopathy courses.

Today we teach on five continents taking this remarkable massage course across the world. Open to anyone over the age of 16, the school’s massage courses are extremely popular with people looking for a career change or to diversify their existing skills. The average age on our courses is around 40 years and is ideal for people who don’t have the time or desire to go back to traditional massage school full time or for a longer duration,  but who still want to learn the skills of massage. In order to train students to a high standard, our courses are intensive and emphasizes hands-on learning with one on one feedback to ensure competency.

To meet the ever growing demand of the massage industry and to match the popularity of our massage courses, BRSMNT expanded into the UK, New Zealand  and the US in 2002. For your convenience we offer short, accelerated massage courses in London on a regular basis.

Where We are Now

Students across the world have been very excited to learn this very strong and effective style of massage and the awareness of the massage spreads as much through word of mouth as it does through marketing.

We use a variety of venues across the world, bringing the massage to people in a wide range of locations. When we used the East West Shiatsu School in Cambridge, Boston as one of our first US courses the comment was made by the owner of the massage school on how he was very surprised by how much the students learned in such a short period of time and how happy they all were with the course. Many of our graduates go on to establish and run successful independent businesses, others work in spas, hotels, gyms, with chiropractors, osteopaths and other alternative and complimentary therapists.

You can only qualify in Raynor Massage through this school; this course is not available as a massage course through your local college, by correspondence or through any other retreat or training course. All of our teachers are selected and personally trained by Brandon Raynor to ensure that the quality of teaching is excellent and it is possible to split your study across the world, for example taking your Certificate course in Australia, your Diploma course in London and your Advanced Diploma in Hawaii. Discounts are also available if you book to study all three courses at the same time, even if you split when and where you study the courses. Contact us for more details or to discuss your individual needs.

To represent the needs of our graduates, we established INTA (The International Natural Therapies Association) which provides a forum for professional development and a worldwide referral network for those looking for a practitioner. Our practitioner’s facebook group also provides a support network; many friendships made on the courses become long term friendships. Our class size is usually no more than 16 students allowing the teacher to give excellent support and ongoing personal feedback throughout the training and students to develop strong relationships with each other. This is hands on massage training delivered through short, intensive courses. You do not need previous experience or training to do our courses, our entry criteria is based on a willingness to learn and a desire to heal.