Massage Certificate Course

This 5 day introductory Massage Certificate course allows students to quickly develop their skills and begin to massage effectively, assisting their client’s healing journeys.

Drawing on over twenty years experience and study of worldwide massage traditions, Brandon Raynor developed Raynor Massage as a unique style of massage designed to find and eliminate residual tension in the body.

You will quickly begin to learn and practice Raynor Massage, always keeping in mind the overall goal of the total release of residual tension in the muscles of the body. Raynor Massage draws on holistic understandings of the interconnectedness of body, mind and soul and as well as working on muscular tension. Raynor Massage also opens up the channels or meridians through which the chi or prana (life force) flows. People leave this massage with a relaxed body and mind, feeling re-balanced. On our short and intensive training course, you will learn how to massage using this holistic and very powerful technique.

More About The Course

Being taught in a group of no more than 16 students to one teacher, this five day intensive massage course is an excellent way to get started with Raynor Massage Therapy.

This unique form of massage is taught in a unique way, along with the expert tutor input and observing your teacher at work, you will be massaged and be massaging from day one of the course. You will work with partners of different body types and presented with different ‘problem areas’ so that you are equipped to deal with a range of clients on completion of your course. We do not teach by asking you to rote learn charts and diagrams, rather we teach you to feel tension, to track where it is held in the body and then how to clear it.

This is the way massage has been taught for millennia before it was ‘medicalised’ by those who do not believe in the power of healing touch and intuition. Your teacher will be on hand to offer advice and guidance, to demonstrate, correct and empower you to be able to develop your own massage skills.

Our bodies hold tension in muscles for all kinds of reasons; everyday stress, sports training, injuries, bad postural habits, hours spent hunched over the keyboard, problems experienced at work or home, all of these things are held in our muscles and lead to problems of residual tension and pain. Untreated this tension can lead to longer term problems both physically and in our mental and emotional wellbeing, as a trained Raynor Massage practitioner you can have a positive effect on people’s health, help many to be pain free and learn to release your clients from this muscular tension and any emotional tension that may underpin it.

Raynor Massage training is only available through the Brandon Raynor School of Natural Therapies and is run in locations throughout the world. All of our teachers have trained under Brandon Raynor and continue to develop their own skills as teachers and practitioners by their ongoing work with Brandon, each bring their own experience and backgrounds to their classes and all are existing practitioners, dealing with clients on a regular basis. You cannot get this training at your local college, you cannot do it online – this is hands on training taught by people who have developed their art and whose role is to pass it on to you and help you develop your massage. All teachers are appointed directly by Brandon Raynor to ensure that the quality of teaching and training is of the highest standard.

The five days are very intensive and usually run from 9-5pm with a 45 to 1 hour break for lunch. The teacher is available at all times to guide, coach and answer questions.

Students come to our courses from a variety of backgrounds. Some will have a background in another massage modality whilst others, perhaps the majority, will come with no experience, this course will be their first attempt at massage. Raynor Massage has at its heart the belief that every person you massage will be different and have different needs, therefore there can be no one set massage routine that will work for everyone.

People taking the course who have massage experience will have the advantage that they have hands on experience and are already confident working with people’s bodies and equally those without any experience have the advantage that they do not have to unlearn any techniques as they begin to work with the unique form of Raynor Massage. Our teachers work with you from wherever you start – whether this is your first massage or you have been in the industry for years, by the end of the week we expect you to be able to give an effective Raynor Treatment and will support you in that developmental process.

What Does The 5 Day Massage Week Comprise?

During the morning of day 1 of the Massage Certificate course you will discover and discuss:

  • The history of massage and an outline of the different types of massage.
  • What the contraindications to massage are – when is it safe to massage and when you shouldn’t massage. How to take a case history from clients.
  • Important hygiene issues when massaging. How to professionally drape your client to make them feel safe, warm and comfortable.
  • The professional ethics expected by a Raynor Massage therapist will be outlined and we will explore the qualities of a good massage therapist.

This will be followed by a demonstration of massage techniques by the teacher on a volunteer from the class and we will begin to explore strategies to loosen up tension and blocked energy in the back, the back of the legs, buttocks, feet, arms and hands. You will also be shown the bands “of tension” that interconnected the whole body.

In the afternoon, students pair up and begin working on each other, under the close supervision of our teacher, half way through the afternoon you will swap over so that each person in the pair both give and receive massage.

On day 2 of the Certificate course, the teacher will cover a side position that we use to release deep seated tension in the sacral area, which when released can help loosen up higher areas in the back, neck and cranial (head) areas. A good massage therapist will learn as much from receiving a massage as they will from giving one, which is why we put emphasis on you receiving massage as well as giving. You will learn how working to different depths feels and you will experience the powerful release of tension that your future clients will experience. As you work, revision of the previous days work will also be covered and your teacher will also discuss on the concept of the release of toxins in the body and the natural therapies term “the healing crisis” and what it means to you as you practice Raynor Massage.

On day 3 the massage teacher will cover the release of tension in the front of the body, especially the abdominal area and the head. Many people store emotional tension in their bellies as revealed by common expressions such as “it gave me knots in my stomach” or “I felt that in my guts”. Conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, menstrual problems etc. can be helped by Brandon’s techniques of releasing emotional tension stored in the abdominal area, combined with proper breathing techniques.

The teacher will again demonstrate on a (different) volunteer from the group how to massage to get this front of body tension release and in the afternoon you will pair up with a different person from the group to give and to experience this part of the massage. By this stage in the course you will be growing in confidence and will be impressed by how effective you can already massage.

Day 4 of the course is spent combining the techniques performed in the last 3 days to perform a complete massage and is spent examining how the tension in the muscles on the front of the body can hold the muscles on the back of the body tight. We will also explore massage in pregnancy, many massage schools regard pregnancy as a contra-indication to massage, but at Brandon Raynor’s School of Natural Therapies you will learn how massage in pregnancy is natural, has been the part of the anti-natal care of mothers for millennia and can be highly effective. You will be taught how to do this safely.

We will also examine the tools of the trade looking at different types of base oils used in massage and the properties of a good massage table.

On the afternoon of day 5, the teacher will conduct a practical assessment to make sure that students understand the concepts taught, this will involve assessing your practical massage skills, maybe even giving the tutor a massage so that your massage can be experienced by them! At the end of this day, provided that you have understood and can demonstrate the techniques and satisfy the professional conduct requirements of BRSMNT, then you will qualify at the introductory level with a Raynor Massage Certificate.


The Certificate level is enough to allow you to get started and begin to practice massage professionally in much of the world including most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, some parts of the United States and Canada, most of Asia and Africa.

Most students completing the Raynor Massage Certificate course decide to progress onto the Raynor Massage Diploma Course so that they can further develop their skills and add treatments such as aromatherapy into their practice. Some people choose to do this straight away and our Diploma courses almost always run the week following the Certificate courses, others choose to gain more experience first and then return to do the Raynor Massage Diploma Course.

Students can also study the two courses in different countries enabling them to combine training with holidays and travel. We frequently have students who sign up initially for the Certificate week but then, having experienced this massage for themselves, want to continue straight on to the next level, often before then going on to study for our highest level qualification, the Advanced Practitioners Diploma. Discounts are also available if you book for more than one course at the same time.

Enrolling In The Raynor Massage Certificate Course

Course Requirements

We intentionally do not set entry requirements other than being over the age of 18, having a desire to learn and to heal through massage, and also a reasonable understanding of English. If a parent or guardian attends with you, we are also happy to accept students aged over the age of 16. For more information please contact us.

How To Enrol

You can either call us and enrol over the phone, or enrol and pay online by choosing the course you would like to enrol in and following the directions. Demand for course places is high because we cap the number of students for each course at 20 per teacher. We recommend early booking in order to secure your place.

Upcoming Courses

We are constantly conducting courses around the world. To check the schedule of your city please see our upcoming courses.

Fee Structure

£1195. (£350 non-refundable deposit)

Booking Options


Gain Greater Confidence And Success With Our Raynor Massage Certificate Course

I just finished the course and Raynor massage is certainly a very powerful tool to help people heal physical and mentally.

Brandon and Cori just compliment each other so well in teaching the course, I cant wait to use skills I learned and implement them on others as well as myself.

Thanks again for your time Brandon and Cori!

Janine Johnston Avatar
Janine Johnston
30 Apr 2017

Since I completed the diploma course in November 2016 I'm working full time as Raynor massage specialist and I love it.

John Martens Avatar
John Martens
15 Jul 2017

Just finished Brandon's 2 week certificate and Diploma in massage last week!

I personally found this to be simply amazing and life changing. Everyday I was simply blown away with what we learnt and especially how I felt.

I'm a 38 yr old male with a beautiful wife and 2 young girls and found the 2 week course suited me perfect!! The price was well worth the transformation I have had with the added bonus of becoming a massage therapist. If your thinking of doing this course, its worth it on every level. Brandon is an amazing individual and some one I have come to trust and respect 100%. The skills I learnt can be taught to anyone willing to learn.

I have no hesitation to recommend this amazing course to anyone! If your thinking of doing this course? Its a no lose situation!!

Thank you so much!!

Simon Walker

Simon Walker Avatar
Simon Walker
20 Dec 2015

I have just finished diploma course held in Auckland and what an amazing and mind opening experience ! Both Brandon and Cori are great knowledgeable teachers . It was my first time getting hands on and getting involved in massaging and treating people so I was quite nervous to start . Now I can't wait to start practicing raynors method on my own , seeing benefits , and knowing there is Brandons and Cori continuing support after the course . Thank you and all great students and for sharing experiences from all different paths of life .

Barbora Sellers Avatar
Barbora Sellers
14 Jul 2016

Excellent teaching, great techniques, beautiful learning space! Would heavily recommend to anyone!

Taylor Hamilton-Giggins Avatar
Taylor Hamilton-Giggins
22 Dec 2018

I just completed the diploma course in Perth (April 2017) and I just loved everything about it!

I came specially from NZ, so I was already motivated. It was exactly what I wanted. It is more than a simple massage that we all have probably experienced. I had personally personal emotional releases and the last one has been very beneficial. I have been able to finally understand all my anger, sadness that I worked for a lot of years at the emotional level but I never realised that the body keeps the memories as well. The same evening I have been able to forgive myself, and I changed the traumatic images into beautiful images. It is an enormous transformation and it will help me in my future.

Raynor massage are perfect if you are looking for the roots of your tensions, problems. It is powerful, especially if you have already started to work on yourself and if you mix it with other type of healing such as changing diet, meditation, healing, acupuncture etc...

If you are looking for a work conversion, it is a great start. I am just at the beginning of this conversion journey but I am convinced that it was the right move to do this course. Thank you to both Brandon and his lovely wife Cori.

Aurélie Lilly Ibanez Avatar
Aurélie Lilly Ibanez
17 Apr 2017

Do this!! Thanks Brandon! Class of 2009. Auckland , Browns Bay.

Karen Begg Avatar
Karen Begg
01 Sep 2017

Hi everyone I'm Charles originally from Ghana and a Raynor's pratitioner in South Africa i can say that after my course in 2008 my life has changed I have been doing very well I work with Dr and sometimes they wonder how this technique works we have a very powerful massage technique that people need.

Charles Clottey Avatar
Charles Clottey
07 Sep 2016

I completed the course in 2009 and the later on completed the advanced course in 2013. Having experienced massage throughout the world , including some amazing work from blind masseuses in Tibet I was looking forward to a change of career if this course delivered what it promised.

It did, in great buckets, my first experience of an emotional release from a client was both humbling and I felt privileged to help with this process.

Having only had an interest in massage , the two week course enabled me to immediately start working on people I knew and those I did not. The transition to getting paid was as easy as finding clients. It is still easy if you just talk to people.

The advanced course rounded out the training and introduced new techniques including a form of what I could only call acupressure with amazing personal results. I would like to personally thank Brandon and Maureen for convincing me to attend.

As an interesting bonus my personal chronic (lie on the floor for 3 days a couple of times a year) back pain completely went and has not re occurred. The change to my personal health and wellbeing as Terry mentioned was an unexpected bonus.

My only complaint is that there are not enough practitioners to go around :)

Well worth a few weeks of your life to learn what is possible if you really listen to what the body is telling you. This is a very intuitive course and anyone with an open mind and heart should do very well.

Mike Francis Avatar
Mike Francis
17 Jun 2014

I absolutely love this style of massage as it truly releases tension. Something that no one else has managed to do for me.

I love the other aspects of this style as well, like being able to give an emotional release to someone, unblocking chi and learning about reflexology and aromatherapy. Best course and massage ever!

Karina Gerdum Cibrian Avatar
Karina Gerdum Cibrian
10 Feb 2017

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